Russ Stechow Senior Art Director



Ever have a car tire fall off while driving down the freeway? Come clean at your first confession about accidentally hitting a bird with a rock—and have the priest declare it the best confession ever? Get thrown off a snowmobile and land on an ice auger?

Russ has. Because some people have it all. And some people have it all happen to them.

He was Twin B for the first few days of life (his place in second firmly established from the beginning). Along with the other perils of growing up Number 2. Like having his brother disrespect Michael Jackson (not to mention Russ) by throwing an album like a Frisbee and implanting it between Russ’s eyes. Getting hit by a car as he rode his bike to work and still making his shift. Scoring a goal from behind the net … on his own goalie.

This is what Russ brings to the game (goalies beware). All these bizarre, straight-out-of-Ripley’s experiences that make him the unflappable guy he is. Because there’s a recurring theme: Russ always arrives. Even after getting pulled over by the police, pushing the cop out of a snow bank and still getting a ticket. After all, ours is an industry of prevailing.

And a guy who roomed with four girls at MSU definitely knows how to prevail (and put the toilet seat down).


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